Black Breasted Red Rosecomb Bantams

This is truly a never-ending project. I started working on these in 1993. I was first able to show them in 1997. They continue to improve, though they are definitely still a work in progress! I developed this line of BBRed Rosecombs on my own, they didn't come from anyone else. If you're interested in these or any of the other unusual colors of Rosecombs I urge you to work on developing your own line. Goodness knows we need more bloodlines in the US. My line is more a male line than a female line. Though the females are improving in quality, over-all the males are much more consistent and higher in quality. Maybe by the time I'm really old I'll have it perfected. ;-)





"Diego" 2007

"Pablo" 2006

"Rueben" 2002

"Lemon" 1999 (to this day the best female I ever had)

"Eddie" 1997. Eddie was the first BBRed I ever showed, and he sure wowed the crowed. I've made a lot of progress since then though! Eddie lived to be 12.5 years old. This is what he looked like in his later years.

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