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If you're going to contact me about birds, please do me a huge favor and read this whole page first! It'll probably answer your questions. :-)

Current status of selling eggs:
Nothing available at this time

Current status of selling birds:
Updated November 22, 2014. Major flock reduction of my BBRed Rosecombs! You can see pics of both on the Random Rosecombs facebook page (see link below). You should be able to view this page even if you are not a Facebook member. I need to reduce the flock ASAP.


This page stays up to date, please do not email me and ask to be on a waiting list, I don't keep a waiting list because despite my best intentions I WILL forget to contact someone and then I'd feel bad. I'm really busy, chicken sales are a teeny tiny part of my life, so bear with me if I don't seem to get around to this as quickly as you think I ought to. Want to be totally in the loop? Join our Facebook page!

I catch a lot of flack for not selling all that many birds. Well...I don't quite know what to say. Let me give you my philosophy on raising birds though. I raise Rosecombs because they interest me, I enjoy showing, and I like to work with the rare colors in this breed. I do not raise birds for the sole purpose of selling them. I hatch enough to improve and propegate my own bloodlines. If I happen to have enough to sell a few, that's like frosting on the's a nice bonus. But I am not and probably never will be one of those people who has lots of fabulous birds for sale all the time. I'm not equipped to raise or house that many, nor do I want to. I also CULL pretty ruthlessly. If a bird isn't one I'd consider for my own breeding pen, it goes off to auction. Probably I could really sell a lot of those birds as breeding stock, but I don't want to do that. If I wouldn't consider them for my own breeding pens, I will not sell them as such.

I know there are a lot of people out there looking for these colored Rosecombs and I'm sorry I can't help you out. In the past I have tended to sell myself short, and I'm not going to do that anymore. I wish that more people who I have sold birds to in the past were actually making an effort to raise them (that's why I've gotten pretty strict about who I'll sell birds to!) Seems like when I have an abundance of birds I can hardly give them away, but when I don't have enough then everyone wants them.

If you are looking for Rosecombs right now, go to If you think you have the patience to raise colored Rosecombs then PLEASE consider making your own strain. It takes a few years (ok, more than a's a never-ending thing...), but you're not going to get instant perfection out of mine or anyone else's anyway. Truth be told there really need to be more strains of these birds out there.

That said, I truly appreciate the people out there who are actually dedicated to raising these birds!

My Rules:

1) I do not sell chicks. I do sometimes sell eggs. If the upper part of this page doesn't say that I'm currently selling eggs, then it's the wrong time of year for that, or I simply don't have anything available. I don't take advance orders, please oh please do not email me and ask to be on the waiting list. There is no waiting list.

2) I sell finished adult birds, in ridiculously small quantities. Shipping is available. I am not NPIP certified because it's an expensive pain in the butt in CA, not worth it for me.

3) I reserve the right to refuse sale.

4) My birds are NOT perfect. Please don't expect perfection.

5) I will ONLY sell top quality birds to serious breeders. I have sold far too many birds to people who were not serious and they gave up and sold the birds without even bothering to contact other breeders. These are not easy varieties to find, and I won't put up with that anymore. You'll have to convince me you're very serious and not just a "chicken collector."

6) Here's a new one: please do not ask me to sell you something that is "guaranteed to win" regardless of how much you are willing to pay. I have always hated that sort of attitude that pops up from time to time in the fancy, and besides that if I was lucky enough to have a bird that fabulous, I sure as heck wouldn't sell it! :-)

7) I do not export birds or eggs. Asking or begging will not help you, the answer is no. Sorry.

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