Yes, I have a lot of chickens, but there have been some pretty special 4-legged animals in my life.

The current bunch:

2006 -
Angus was adopted from a rescue group in March of 2010... (read more on the blog...)

June 4, 2003 -
Wow, where do I even start the story of Shylah? I guess it all begins back in the summer of 2003... (read more...)

September 2001 -
Olin was my birthday present in 2002. I could pick any kitten I wanted, and I picked him (actually, he picked me) at the animal shelter. Best present ever... (read more on the blog...)
September 2000 -
My mom found Homer in the parking lot of Home Depot in September of 2001. Nobody claimed him which was fine with me, he's a sweet boy!... (read more on the blog...)
1987 -
Her name wasn't actually Guinevere when I met her. It was Harley... (read more...)

Gone but not forgotten, may they rest in peace:
(this isn't all the animals I've had, only those I wrote about in recent years)

February 28, 1995 - December 11, 2009
Jessie was a good dog. I don't mean for that to sound understated, it's really the best compliment I can think to give her... (read more on the blog...)
April 28, 1996 - December 17, 2008
She was such a sweet dog. A bonehead, for sure... (read more on the blog...)
June 1988 - March 11, 2006
I found Fuzzby, a wild stray kitten, in the late summer of 1988. She was kind of a horrible cat, but I loved her... (read more on the blog...)
March 2, 1975 - July 23, 1999
Someone once told me "your first horse will always have a special place in your heart." It's true... (read more...)

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